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Norilsk Incident consists of 4 intertwined books, telling the same story in parallel, from different points of view.
The order in which you begin reading the books (book by book, a chapter from each, etc) will result in your unique perception of the Universe depicted in them.

2nd Edition

Norilsk Incident

Norilsk, a city in the far frozen plains of Siberia is struck by an unknown object falling from the sky, making all the city inhabitants disappear without a trace. For almost a year, military and private parties tried to lead successful expeditions to find out the reason to the disappearance of almost 200.000 people, but every group vanished as well.

Now, four separate parties without knowledge of each other are to try as well. The stories of those group converge, divided in purpose, but bound by destiny.
Re-edition of the Norilsk Incident books, combining the four books in one for full access, less shipping costs and revised translation.

Spin-off · Comic · Movie

Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T.

Two mercenaries. One scientist. One subject. One critical mission.
A rival organization kidnaps a subject while being transported to the Ex Professo Scientific Corporation Headquarters. Time being of the essence, and by the nature of the task, Ex Professo hires I.F.R.I.T. Special Operations on their first joint mission. Mercenaries Samuel Mills and Karl Jager are to escort Ex Professo's assigned scientist Irina Nazarova to extract the subject before interrogation or even worse, death and disposal.
Originally planned as a feature movie, put on hold until pandemic restrictions are lifted, Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T.'s script is being released as a comic book, in digital format first with monthly releases, and expected paperback release in 2022.

Norilsk Incident

I.F.R.I.T. Black Box

The top class mercenary organization I.F.R.I.T. Special Operations has been hired to retrieve the object of classified nature that crashed into Norilsk. Unknown to the public but very well known to the high spheres of worldwide power, their skills have been highly required and valued in many covert world changing operations, and the Norilsk Incident was no exception. Hidden in the landing gear of an Antonov plane, their journey is about to begin.

Norilsk Incident

Science Logs

An expedition with multi-million funding as never seen before could not fail. The team had been carefully selected from the best scientists under a vow of secrecy. For years, the Ex Professo Private Corporation knew their public image, articles, conferences and Nobel prizes were nothing but the façade of something bigger, beyond human imagination. Their vision and plans of a world ruled by true science was there, at their reach, lying under the mysterious soil of the punished city of Norilsk.

Norilsk Incident

Marauders' Diaries

Follow Ivan, Vasily, Yegor, Nikolay and Arkady, former residents of Norilsk, on their journey to reclaim the city that gave them all and took everything they had as well.
Part of the infamous criminal band called "The Marauders", with extensive criminal records, gear up and make their way into their native city in the search for the lucky strike that may change their lives forever and become, as they say, the only and rightful owners of the city.

Norilsk Incident

Cult of Papsukkal

After sleeping in the dust for millennia, a man's project gave fruit revealing the secrets of an unknown branch of Babylonian history. A fascinating one.

"The Cult of Papsukkal", founded almost two hundred years before the Incident, based their religious beliefs on ancient Babylonian texts, expects the visit of Papsukkal, The Messenger from the skies, who is to fulfill the prophecy in Norilsk.