The Brotherhood of the Key

The Brotherhood of the Key is a private community within the Norilsk Incident project.
Owning at least one NFT from the Brotherhood of the Key already qualifies you to access the Brotherhood.

If you sell all your NFTs from the Brotherhood of the Key, you will immediately lose the privileges as soon as they are claimed by their new buyer. Through the Brotherhood you can:

  • Access the Telegram group of the community, to have direct contact with FZ Ideas in case of any questions or queries about the project or any of its parts
  • Vote monthly on the order in which the chapters of each Season will be published, thus being able to bid on those chapters in which you can appear, or even if you do not appear, if they are of your greatest interest at narrative level
  • If you also own one or more Commemorative NFTs, you can multiply the weight of your votes, as well as access the Royalty Distribution Fund to generate passive income
The only instance to acquire the Commemorative type NFTs will be in the Pre-Launch.

Brotherhood Key Issuance

In order to increase the Brotherhood of the Key NFTs value, the issuance of Keys will be gradually reduced, increasing in rarity as the project progresses, rewarding with access to greater voting power to those who support the project from early stages.

Betting on the progress of the Woonkly platform, the price of these NFTs will not increase arbitrarily, but will be fixed in WOOPs from their first issue to their last.

The total number of keys to be issued is 360, and their issuance per Season is as follows, as well as graphed:

  • Season 1 - Total of 114 keys
  • Season 2 - Total of 98 keys
  • Season 3 - Total of 82 keys
  • Season 4 - Total of 66 keys
  • Season 5 - End of emission: from this season, the Keys can only be acquired from their previous buyers