FZ Ideas

FZ Ideas is directed by Gabriel & Diana Zang. Their work since 2012 has included films, books, card and board games. Self-taught in all aspects, their audiovisual works garnered awards in Uruguay, with projects praised abroad by the target audience.
Finally focusing on literature, they published their first series of books in 2013, with an ever-growing bibliography that includes Norilsk Incident, Extraction: Code I.F.R.I.T., Mudarse Solo y Sobrevivir en el Intento, Noosphera , among many others.

Awards and mentions obtained:

  • Exodis - Best short film of the festival - FENACIES (2012)
  • Exodis - Best Uruguayan Short Film - Montevideo International Fantastic Film Festival (2013)
  • The Chamber - Official Selection FENACIES and Montevideo Comics (2013)
  • I was born to be - Official Selection Jameson's Notodo Film Fest and FENACIES (2014)
  • Eye of Bermuda - Semifinalist The Game Crafter Sprue Challenge (2015)
  • Alea Iacta Est - Official Selection FENACIES (2015)
  • Scions of the Domes - Semifinalist The Game Crafter Survival Challenge (2015)
  • Scions of the Domes - Main Cat. Winner Thundergryph Games Survival Design Contest (2017)



Fabri Solis

Initiated in the world of graphic arts since his early youth, Fabricio has consistently reaped great achievements in recent years.

Standing out in the last three years, he has won awards in national and international competitions , and additionally, the complete publication of Extraction Code: I.F.R.I.T. , adaptation of the feature film script in comic format. He has completely handled not only the graphic production , but also the photographic direction .

Awards and mentions obtained:

  • National Peace-Themed Contest - Second place (2014)
  • Anisau International Drawing Contest - Winner (2019)
  • Buenos Aires BZ National Drawing Contest Second place (2020)
  • Buenos Aires BZ National Contest, for merchandising (2021)


Fabricio's Art

The Marauders

Marauders' Diaries

Follow Ivan, Vasily, Yegor, Nikolay and Arkady, former residents of Norilsk, on their journey to reclaim the city that gave them everything and also took everything away.

Part of the infamous criminal gang called "The Marauders", with extensive criminal records, they prepare and make their way to their hometown in search of the lucky strike that can change their lives forever and become, as they claim, the only and legitimate owners of the city.

Ex Professo Scicorp

Science Records

A multi-million dollar funded expedition like never seen before could not fail. The team had been carefully selected from among the best scientists under a vote of secrecy.

For years, the Ex Professo Private Corporation knew that its public image, articles, conferences and Nobel Prizes were nothing more than a fa├žade for something bigger, beyond human imagination. Their vision and plans for a world governed by true science were there, within their grasp, lying beneath the mysterious soil of the cursed city of Norilsk.

I.F.R.I.T. Spec Ops

I.F.R.I.T. Black Box

The top-class mercenary organization I.F.R.I.T. Special Operations has been contracted to retrieve the object of classified nature that crashed into Norilsk.

Unknown to the public but well known in the highest echelons of world power, their skills have been required and highly valued in many covert operations that changed world history, and the Norilsk Incident will be no exception. Hidden in the landing gear of an Antonov plane, their journey is about to begin.

Cult of Papsukkal

Cult of Papsukkal

After sleeping in the dust for millennia, one man's project came to fruition as he revealed the secrets of an unknown branch of Babylonian history. A fascinating one.

"The Cult of Papsukkal", founded nearly two hundred years before the Incident, bases its religious beliefs on ancient Babylonian texts describing the fall of an extremely technologically advanced civilization, which was wiped out, and prophesying the dawn of a similar era in the far future through the coming of Papsukkal "The messenger of the skies". The signs seem to be clear: He, The Messenger, awaits them at the site of the Norilsk Incident.