NORILSK INCIDENT, published in Spanish (2013), English (2015) and republished (2021) by FZ Ideas (Gabriel & Diana Zang), consists in four intertwined books, now compiled into one, with the same central story, but running in parallel and telling different points of view of the same event. The order in which you choose to read the work (book by book, a chapter of each, etc.) will result in your unique perception of the Universe represented in them.

NORILSK, a city in the distant frozen plains of Siberia, is hit by an unknown object falling from the sky, causing all the inhabitants of the city ​​disappear without a trace. For almost a year, the military and private groups tried to lead expeditions to find out the reason for the disappearance of almost 200,000 people, but all the groups also disappeared without a trace. Now four separate groups, not knowing each other, will also try it. The histories of these groups converge, divided in purpose, but united by destiny.

Non-linear reading

Four novels compiled into one volume, giving you the freedom to read them in any order you like. Depending on the order you do it, it will be your approach and perception of the Norilsk Incident.
How will you perceive it?

Twenty souls, one destiny

A group of criminals, another of mercenaries, a scientific team and the elite of a mysterious sect are drawn into the same mystery, each with their own motivations.
Will you be part of any of them?< /p>

You decide how to reveal it

The order of the episodes of the first season, and the first episode of the second one will be dictated by FZ Ideas. From then on, if you become part of The Brotherhood of the Key, it's up to you.
Which thread will you follow?

Norilsk Incident

Comics and NFTs

The comic adaptation of Norilsk Incident will be completely faithful to the novel in content, dialogue and original chapter structure.

The artistic style will be Comic Noir, black and white with high contrasts and levels of detail, including, per chapter, one or more special color vignettes.
< br>In addition, each chapter will have one or more music tracks and/or ambient audio and/or special effects to maximize your experience. Certain pages will have a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device and play them to accompany the reading.

The complete work consists of 28 chapters, divided into 7 seasons of 4 chapters each, publishing one chapter per month on the last day of the same.

FZ Ideas will determine the order of the first 5 chapters, and from then on, the Brotherhood of the Key will decide the publishing order of the chapters within each season.

Find all the details in the Roadmap and Minting section.