Norilsk incident is where YOU, the COMIC and the NFT world meet.

Our project will be to adapt the novel NORILSK INCIDENT to comic format, allowing you to star in it.

With roles of different levels, from extras, to secondary and leading roles, our goal is to capture this story that has already gained its fan base around the world, in a much more attractive format, and to immortalize our collaborators chapter by chapter.

Through the auction and direct purchase of NFTs you can access:

  • Roles in the story, you will be the face of a character in the publication
  • Acquire voting power to choose which parts of the story will be published first
  • A series of digital and physical benefits and deliverables
  • Given a series of conditions , economic benefits as a percentage of project royalties


  • The auction and sale of NFTs will be done only through the Woonkly platform, and using the WOOP token.
  • The buyers of the leading, supporting roles and extras (cameos) undertake to provide without delay personal photographs of their faces to the FZ Ideas team once the auction/purchase so the graphic artist can start the work immediately.
  • The buyer can transfer the right to another person (buy it as a gift), as long as it is of the gender and age range that corresponds to the character for which it has acquired the role. The buyer will be free to select such person.
  • The FZ Ideas team will not use the photographs provided for any other purpose than the production of the comic, and must ask the buyer for express permission for any other use.
  • The right to represent the image in the comic is not transferable to future buyers of the Founder type NFTs if it is sold.
  • Those mentioned above transfer their image rights to the FZ Ideas team, waiving their right to claim any compensation, of any kind, for the use of their image as part of the comic.