As FZ Ideas and Fabri SolĂ­s, we have a history of professionalism, success, effort, close contact with the community and transparency in our work.

Right off the bat, we want to make a few details clear up front:

  • FZ Ideas and the official Telegram channels will be the official and legitimate point of contact for communications regarding the project.
    We will NEVER contact you first, nor will we request funds in any of its possible forms (FIAT, crypto, physical or digital transfers) beyond the sales and auctions to be carried out through our official Woonkly profile. Nor will we ask for the keys or seed phrases of any of your Wallets; We are not responsible for any exchange or losses that come from communications by non-official means and persons outside the project
  • FZ Ideas reserves the right to adjust project delivery dates in cases of force majeure (accidents, illnesses, etc.). It never has been and will never be an excuse for delays in our deliveries (digital or physical), should it happen, negligence, laziness or disinterest. Our commitment and plan is fully focused and estimated to achieve the objectives in a timely manner.
  • Regarding the physical deliveries (copies of books, in Q4 2022 and Q1 2025 to those who have the right to claim them), FZ Ideas will not be responsible for procedures, paperwork or import taxes in the destination countries for the material. Although the vast majority of countries do not have restrictions or taxes on printed material, we do not know in advance who will be creditors of our NFTs and their countries of origin. We deposit these legal responsibilities in your hands, to take charge of additional costs and procedures if required. Our commitment refers to the safe and traceable purchase and shipment of the materials within the stipulated deadlines.
  • The purchase of NFTs from the project implies in a direct and inexcusable way the complete acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in each section of the Whitepaper.


  • The auction and sale of NFTs will be done only through the Woonkly platform, and using the WOOP token.
  • The buyers of the leading, supporting roles and extras (cameos) undertake to provide without delay personal photographs of their faces to the FZ Ideas team once the auction/purchase is finished, so the graphic artist can start the work immediately.
  • The buyer can transfer the right to another person (buy it as a gift), as long as it is of the gender and age range that corresponds to the character for which it has acquired the role. The buyer will be free to select such person.
  • The FZ Ideas team will not use the photographs provided for any other purpose than the production of the comic, and must ask the buyer for express permission for any other use.
  • The image rights to be represented in the comic is not transferable to future buyers of the Founder type NFTs if it is sold.
  • Those mentioned above transfer their image rights to the FZ Ideas team, waiving their right to claim any compensation, of any kind, for the use of their image as part of the comic.