FZ Ideas will publish the work as detailed in the Roadmap. The elements to be published will be:

  • Monthly chapters, public access, in digital format, consumable via NFT > IPFS
  • Scenes (vignettes) in color, by chapter, consumables via NFT > IPFS
  • Physical books through Amazon once the project is finished (4 volumes, one per group)
  • All publications will be in both Spanish and English
FZ Ideas reserves the right to publish additional elements during production, whether in digital, physical or audiovisual format, in order to promote the project in each of its stages. It will also prioritize the consumption of the comic through, but for promotional purposes, it reserves the right to share it through other media and social networks such as photographs, images or files, with the purpose of attract public towards the consumption of it through


The comic consists of 28 chapters in total, organized into 7 seasons of 4 chapters each. The novel Norilsk Incident: First Contact, is composed of 4 novellas: Marauders' Diary, I.F.R.I.T. Black Box, Science Records, and The Cult of Papsukkal. As detailed in What is Norilsk Incident, they can be read linearly (full book after full book) or interspersed (a chapter of a book, another of another, etc.). Each type of reading, and the order of it, will result in a unique experience of how you will understand the events and mysteries of the Norilsk Incident. In this case, as the work is published gradually, we have chosen to use a hybrid modality:

  • Linear: Because the Season number corresponds to the chapter number of each storyline
  • Interspersed: Because the order of the episodes in each season is not fixed, it will be voted by the Brotherhood of the Key
Therefore, and for example, Season 3 is made up of all 3 chapters of each storyline, but the order in which they will be published will be determined by vote by the Brotherhood of the Key. FZ Ideas will arbitrarily decide the order of the first 5 chapters, to allow presenting the beginning of each one of the stories, and then it will be released to vote. In short, each season will include, not necessarily in this order:
  • 1 chapter of Marauders' Diaries
  • 1 chapter of I.F.R.I.T. Black Box
  • 1 chapter of Science Logs
  • 1 chapter of The Cult of Papsukkal